The Small Business Deal Advisors Advantage

We Advise Small Businesses and Franchises

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to decide how best to go about selling your business and which experts to involve. What makes Small Business Deal Advisors different from other business brokers or business advisory firms? How do they compare to other “low-cost” competitors?

There are not many qualified business brokers serving businesses and franchises worth less than $1 million, leaving small business owners with few experienced advisors to turn to for assistance. Finding a buyer and negotiating a sale is still a crucial goal for most owners. Small Business Deal Advisors focuses on working with business owners of small businesses and franchises in traditionally underserved markets.

Marketing Materials

We create a confidential advertisement as well as a confidential business review and valuation to assist sellers in their discussions with buyers. No other service offers this.

Email Marketing

We use email marketing to advertise their business to thousands of buyers looking for opportunities.

Educational Resources

We provide educational resources to both buyers and sellers to assist them in negotiation, offers, due diligence, and closing.

Other small business brokers only advertise businesses for sale on their websites - forcing buyers and sellers to come to them. Small Business Deal Advisors advertises businesses for sale on our website and also markets them across all of the most trafficked and highly ranked business-for-sale websites. It would cost each seller individually $500+/month to market across all of the sites we advertise on. We offer the same for $495/month, and we will do the work of getting confidentiality agreements signed, materials delivered to buyers, and assistance in the due diligence and closing phase.

Other brokers tout their confidentiality policies, but if you read their confidentiality agreements, they offer no recourse or venue and are therefore worthless to sellers. Small Business Deal Advisors gives each seller a signed and dated confidentiality agreement that offers legal protection in their favor.

Our low commission model is useful, efficient, and transparent, offering assistance, legal protection, access to thousands of buyers, and guidance for much less than what most Main Street business brokers charge. We offer this great value to sellers at no obligation and ~8-9% commission. If you are interested in selling your small business, contact us for more information.

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