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Midwest Restaurant Franchise

Business Category: Catering, Other Eating & Drinking Places, Restaurants, Retailing Businesses, Service Businesses
Location: Wisconsin

Listing Price:


Revenue: $743,248
Cash Flow: $75,000

Real Estate Available: Included in listing price.
Reason For Sale: The current owner seeking to sell due to personal reasons that are limiting his ability to run the business.
Number of Employees: 29

Primarily known for its pizza, this Midwest Restaurant Franchise also offers a wide variety of other American style foods in their family style buffet restaurant.

This specific location was established over 15 years ago and has become an integral part of the local community.  This restaurant franchise location is the primary delivery restaurant in the area. The restaurant delivers within a 20-mile radius of its location and serves over six towns.

The staff is highly experienced and loyal. The four managers have worked for the restaurant for over 10+ years each.  With this experienced and stable staff, new ownership would be able to take over this franchise with ease.

The Business and the real estate are both included in the purchase price.

Opportunities for Growth

(1) Expand the Delivery Range: Although the Company delivers to quite a large range of area, increasing this delivery range even further would increase profits for the Company. The Company’s customer base runs at a about a 40-mile radius. Increasing the delivery range by even a small amount could be beneficial.
(2) Increase Business Hours: Currently, the Company is open Monday – Saturday from 11pm – 8pm. As weekends are generally busier days for restaurants, opening on Sundays could be an advantageous move for the business.
(3) Hosting Community Fundraisers: Prior to Covid-19 related shutdowns, the Company hosted community impact fundraisers on a semi-frequent basis. With such events picking back up as Covid-19 restrictions are lessening, hosting these community fundraisers would be a great way to both impact the community in a positive way and bring in more customers.

Investment Highlights

(1) Highly Experienced and Loyal Staff: Four managers have worked for the Company for 10+ years, with two of the managers having been with the Company for 14+ years. With an experienced and stable staff, new ownership would be able to take over this franchise with ease.
(2) Primary Delivery Restaurant in the Area: The Company is known for being the primary delivery restaurant in the area. The Company currently delivers within a 20-mile radius of the restaurant which covers over six different towns and the rural areas in between.
(3) The Franchise Advantage: The franchise is well-known within the greater Midwest Region. Franchises hold the benefit of being recognizable to its customers across many states. People visiting from out of town that are unfamiliar with the area can know that the Company is a solid place to grab a quick bite to eat thanks to its brand recognition across the Midwest.

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