Recommended Advisors

Small Business Deal Advisors recommends the following advisors on the basis of our personal experience with them. They are all ambitious, fair and marked by high integrity.   Clicking each name provides credentials, background information, and contact information.    

A CPA can assist you with understanding the after-tax proceeds and tax implications of a transaction as well as preparing your tax return(s) and dealing with the IRS and other agencies. Additionally, they can be invaluable regarding questions that buyers may have about your business’ financial records.

Scott Grypma, Mierendorf & Co PC

Dan Lynn, Tax Partner

Sharon Allen, VanderPloeg, Bergakker & Associates

Dave Meyers, Monroe, Sweeris & Tromp PLC

Jason Butler, Lettinga & Associates, CPA’s

Kyle McKeown, McKeown & Kraai Professional CPA’s

An attorney is essential to prepare transaction documents such as Purchase Agreement, Real Estate Agreements, Non-Compete, Consulting/Employment Agreements, etc.

Andrew Longcore

Jon Siebers

Don Duba

Adam Sheridan

Wealth Advisors / Insurance
A skilled wealth advisor can assist you with pre-sale planning, post-sale use of proceeds and ways to abate the tax consequences of a transaction.  

Greg Friddell

David Halvorson

Mike Reinhart

Aaron Hollister

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