Social Media Upgrade Package

SBDA’s intensive marketing platform includes email blasts to 1000s of business buyers and professional advisors as well as top placement on nearly a dozen business-for-sale sites that rank top in Google. We invest heavily in marketing because we never know where the buyer is going to come from and believe that confidential, yet broad exposure, serves the client well.

We have observed that particular types of businesses are also well-received on social media. For example, personal services, retail, and restaurant business opportunities can be targeted to individuals based on socioeconomic, age, gender and other factors that social media companies collect. The Social Media Upgrade Package is a chance to leverage the power of social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn to connect with potential buyers that spend more time on those networks vs Google Searches.

How does it work?

We will create advertisements on the social media platforms LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. The advertisements will be designed using the marketing materials that we’ve already created. The functionality that these advertisements provide let’s us target our advertisement toward users geography, income range, job titles, interests, and more. We will select the categories that are most likely to display the advertisements to the right buyers.

Why should I upgrade my listings?

The advertising features on Facebook and LinkedIn allow us to target the demographics of users that we think would make good buyers for your business.

Not every business buyer is searching Google or visiting the business for sale listing sites that we use. These advertisements allow us to get our marketing in front of more eyes in our search for finding the right buyer for you.

How much does it cost?

The Social Media Upgrade is $149 for one month or $299 for three months of advertisements. The social media platforms allow us to set the budget and time frame for the ads. They charge based on the number of impressions and/or clicks the advertisements receive.

Ready to upgrade?

By clicking submit you are authorizing us to charge your payment source on file in the amount of the package you selected.

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