Andrew Longcore

The Business Law Group

Phone: (616) 528-0007

Email: [email protected]


Address: 1555 Knapp St. Grand Rapids, MI 49505

I started The Business Law Group with the sole purpose of providing small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs and startup businesses with the legal services they need in order for those businesses to reach their full potential. We see the value in every business and provide the services they need in a manner that fits with their business.

Your business has the same potential issues of your larger counterparts. Entity formation, contracts, legal compliance, licencing, collections, disputes, employees, independent contractors, and so much more. While you might not need a business attorney for 40 hours a week, your small business still needs legal counsel that not only knows your business but where you want your business to go. Our clients are not transactions to us and our goals are your goals. It is our job as your general counsel, to make sure your small business operates as closely as to what you plan and expect, and when problems creep up finding efficient solutions.

The Business Law Group is also proficient at business transactions. Whether you are looking to acquire a new business to help grow yourself or you are looking to sell your business to someone else, we have the attorneys to help advise you throughout that process. We can even help you merge with another business and ensure that transaction will be a success.

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