For Franchisors

Franchisors love our reslae program because:

Low Fees - we have a low 8% success fee instead of the 10 - 12% charged by most brokers.

Non-Exclusive Contract - the seller doesn't owe us any success fee if the franchisor identifies the buyer.

No Long-Term Contract - our program is month to month, the seller has full control and is not locked into a long-term contract.

Expert Advice - we understand the franchise re-sale brokerage market. We give accurate valuation and sale guidance that franchisors are legally unable to provide to their franchisees. By working directly with franchisors and adhering to franchisor criteria, we ensure that only qualified buyers are presented as potential buyers.

Our Model

Traditional brokers have a broken model - high commissions, long-term, exclusive contracts and poor communication, especially when things are not going well. Our model is different:

NO Exclusive Contracts - we aren't owed anything if the franchisor identifies the buyer.
NO Long-Term Contract - our program is month to month, you can cancel anytime.

Best of All... We leverage technology and a proven process that allow us to charge LOWER commissions than traditional brokers.

We provide:

Valuation Guidance

Comprehensive Marketing

Closing Assistance

Franchisors are often better-equipped to assist with new sales, as a "startup" is cleaner and more easily-understood by prospective new franchisees. Conversely, they often struggle to effectively market where re-sale buyers are looking.

Franchisors are often not trained or even legally permitted to give advice regarding business valuation and marketing of going-concern franchises.

Representative Franchise Re-Sales

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What Makes Us Different?

No Long-Term Contract

Our program is month-to-month, which ensures we are hard at work every day to assist with your transaction. If you are not satisfied, you are free to cancel at any time.

High Traffic Marketing

Our database has over 40,000+ buyers (and growing) and our marketing businesses for sale pages have a high Google presence that attracts 1,000s of business buyers per month! Furthermore, we conduct strategic outreach through emails and calls to ensure every potential buyer is aware of the confidential sale. No stone is left unturned!

Best of All...

We leverage technology and a proven process that allow us to charge lower commissions than traditional business brokers. Our commission is 8% instead of the industry standard 10%+, saving you thousands of dollars!

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