Our Fees

Small Business Deal Advisors prides itself on a simple, straightforward fee structure. Our fees consist of the following:

Monthly retainer of $495 fully-credited to the success fee.

This fee is for continuous marketing to buyers across the US, for collecting non-disclosure agreements from buyers, buyer introductions, and deal coaching. Since there is no obligation for an owner to sell, this helps us keep the lights on. You can cancel anytime if you are dissatisfied.


The 8% fee is based on the proceeds of a sale and credited by monthly fees. This fee is significantly lower than what most main street business brokers charge (generally 10%).

What Makes Us Different?

No Long-Term Contract

Our program is month-to-month, which ensures we are hard at work every day to assist with your transaction. If you are not satisfied, you are free to cancel at any time.

High Traffic Marketing

Our database has over 40,000+ buyers (and growing) and our marketing businesses for sale pages have a high Google presence that attracts 1,000s of business buyers per month! Furthermore, we conduct strategic outreach through emails and calls to ensure every potential buyer is aware of the confidential sale. No stone is left unturned!

Best of All...

We leverage technology and a proven process that allow us to charge lower commissions than traditional business brokers. Our commission is 8% instead of the industry standard 10%+, saving you thousands of dollars!

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