Business Brokerage Process

Working with Small Business Deal Advisors is a simple 5 step process. Learn about our initial consultation and how easily things will progress.

Working with Small Business Deal Advisors is a simple 5 step process.

1. Small Business Deal Advisors Prepares Your Business for Sale.

After sign-up, a Small Business Deal Advisors associate will contact you for an initial consultation.  This conversation is to gain an understanding of the business and provide a plan for a successful sale process. It will also give you an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about the process of selling your business.  While we cannot give legal or tax advice as we are not lawyers or accountants, we can offer unbiased answers to your questions about pricing, due diligence, negotiations, or prepare your business for sale.  All of our associates have been through the sale process numerous times, are small business owners themselves, and are experienced in selling companies.

The materials provided to assist in the sale of your business will be the following:

  • Business valuation / pricing guidance.
  • Confidential Business Review (CBR). This is a document used to help buyers understand your business. It will only be sent to buyers that have filled out a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Information Guide to help you understand what to expect from the process.

Small Business Deal Advisors will then write an anonymous online advertisement designed to maximize buyer response.  This confidential overview (OV) will be promoted across all major and minor business-for-sale websites (listed below).

2. Small Business Deal Advisors confidentially markets your business to thousands of buyers.

SBDA will then send the OV in an email blast our proprietary database consisting of thousands of small business buyers and professional advisors. We will also list the business on all of the top paid-for listing websites for small businesses.

For a $495/month retainer, you get the power of the following listing sites which require a combined initial investment of almost $700 for one listing.

While many of these sites have a minimum length of 2-3 months, Small Business Deal Advisors has no minimum. You can cancel at any time. And with the power of these combined marketing methods, generally the most buyers are discovered in the first 30 days of marketing!

Plus, the sale commission will only be 8%. This is 2-4% less than what a main street broker would charge for doing less marketing! Plus retainer fees are credited against the commission. We do all of the work for you at a much lower cost.

3. Small Business Deal Advisors Receives Signed Confidentiality Agreements from Buyers.

When a buyer expresses interest in your business, Small Business Deal Advisors will process confidentiality agreements that connect the interested party to you. You will receive a copy of the confidentiality agreement for your records. Please keep in mind that most listing websites do not offer confidentiality agreements and those that do are often very weakly-worded offering very little recourse should a party break confidentiality.

4. Small Business Deal Advisors sends out the Confidential Business Review to buyers that have executed an NDA, and coordinates Buyer Showings.

Small Business Deal Advisors will send our the CBR to buyers that have executed an NDA. You will receive email alerts for new buyer contacts and buyer activity. You will always know the buyers that are interested.

There are no obligations and our commission is half of what you would normally be charged, and you can cancel at anytime with no questions asked. If you decide at some point to cancel your service, just give us a call or email us directly. Your ads will continue to run until the end of the service period. This fee-for-service selling method is an efficient and cost effective way to sell a small business.

5. Weekly, you will have a call with an SBDA broker to review and answer any questions that you might have.

Your broker will advise you with negotiations and the closing process and will answer any questions you have. It is advisable that once a buyer is identified, all parties join the weekly call. When the time comes for legal documents, SBDA has connections with low-cost law firms that minimize the cost of the Purchase Documents.

What Makes Us Different?

No Long-Term Contract

Our program is month-to-month, which ensures we are hard at work every day to assist with your transaction. If you are not satisfied, you are free to cancel at any time.

High Traffic Marketing

Our database has over 40,000+ buyers (and growing) and our marketing businesses for sale pages have a high Google presence that attracts 1,000s of business buyers per month! Furthermore, we conduct strategic outreach through emails and calls to ensure every potential buyer is aware of the confidential sale. No stone is left unturned!

Best of All...

We leverage technology and a proven process that allow us to charge lower commissions than traditional business brokers. Our commission is 8% instead of the industry standard 10%+, saving you thousands of dollars!

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