SBDA Feature: Client Reporting

Small Business Deal Advisors is a different kind of business brokerage firm. We are candid about our low fees, non-exclusivity, and month-to-month agreement. We are revolutionizing the industry by providing professional marketing materials and leveraging robust technological resources for an efficient and a better broker experience. Another industry-first includes SBDA’s client reporting. We developed a cost-efficient way to provide clients with clear insights during the marketing phase. Most business brokers keep their clients in the dark about what they do each week because it is not likely that any leads have been developed or nurtured. Small Business Deal Advisors is confident that our marketing will generate quality leads in a timely manner.

Each week, sellers receive an email that notes how many confidential business reviews were sent the previous week. These aren’t just “leads.” These are buyers who have inquired, signed the non-disclosure agreement, and been sent the detailed memorandum about the business acquisition opportunity. The weekly email also includes weekly data on the views and inquiries from each marketing source that SBDA uses. This type of reporting gives a new transparency to business sale marketing.

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