Map-N-Tour has been sold to Map-N-Tech

Midland, MI

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Columbia, TN

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December 2020 – Grand Rapids, MI-based Small Business Deal Advisors (“SBDA”) is pleased to announce the successful sale of Midland, MI-based Map-N-Tour, Inc. to Map-N-Tech, LLC of Columbia, TN.

Map-N-Tour is a proprietary 3D mapping technology business. Established in 2012, The company is a B2B and B2C, cloud-based, digital marketing platform that provides robust media-rich 3D interactive maps that integrate seamlessly into websites enhancing location-based marketing efforts.

The platform is designed to educate, engage, and encourage people to connect with stories of location, provide measurable data relative to economic impact from inter and intra-tourism activities, and to enable destinations to communicate with and incentivize travelers. The Company’s most robust solution is built on complementary technologies that provide a suite of tools for organizations, public and private destinations, and travelers and residents.

Map-N-Tour’s founder and seller, Denny Henson, commented, “My husband and I created this software to share the stories of place after spending 7 months traveling through hundreds of small towns along a historic trail, talking to the locals, and falling in love with their unique stories. We wanted to provide a way for others to enjoy those same experience even if they couldn’t visit in person. I wanted people to fall in love with America like I did – seeing the goodness and ingenuity of people and the amazing places that make our great country. So, Map-N-Tour was born out of the vision of an educator and stay-at-home mom who had taken a computer class at the local college who was told on multiple occasions that it couldn’t be done.”

The buyer, Map-N-Tech, was created by Jordon Shaw of Columbia, TN who comes from an IT background. While most of his career has been with a government agency, Jordon has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Jordan started and sold a few companies but felt he was still searching for something different.

“Looking to find a company in an industry I am passionate about, I came across the Small Business Deal Advisors ad for Map-N-Tour,” added Jordon, “Given my background with technology, geographic information systems, and economic development, I felt that Map-N-Tour was a perfect fit. Shane immediately recognized my background and how well it fit the company. He started working to put together a deal that would work for both the seller and me. Throughout the entire process, Shane was top notch and always made sure the deal was moving forward. I couldn’t have asked for a better partnership than Small Business Deal Advisors and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Regarding the sale, Denny commented, “I am delighted that I appointed the Small Business Deal Advisors team and would highly recommend them to anyone that wants a differentiated M&A advisor. Shane was extremely diligent and responsive throughout the process. While this was a completely new experience for me, I felt at ease that Shane was guiding the ship. Thank you!”

Jordon added, “The future is bright as these two companies become one. Bringing in the development knowledge from Map-N-Tech with the application foundation from Map-N-Tour, we will be able to create an application that will allow users to have one location to learn about all of the wonderful stories throughout our country and other parts of the world. This will allow the Map-N-Tour application to become the go-to standard for people wanting to learn about new areas to visit.”

“By combining resources, knowledge, and experience we are confident it will bring greater benefits and enhanced opportunities to our customers,” said Denny Henson.

Small Business Deal Advisors advised Map-N-Tour on the sale through the development of marketing materials, comprehensive marketing of the acquisition opportunity, and consulting through the negotiation, due diligence, and closing periods. The transaction was managed by SBDA Associate, Shane Kissack.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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